Become a Renter

How to Rent and What You Need to Know

Becoming a renter is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Read the details below about renting –  many of your questions will be covered here.
  2. Fill out the contact form below.
  3. We will contact you within 24 hours (on weekdays) to review any further questions and discuss details (including in-person appointments or online options).


We have scores of area teachers that know our quality and reputation – thus they specifically send many students to us. For potential rental customers in the general Fort Worth area the process is conducted in person – not online.

Coming to our Violin Shop will provide a one-on-one experience which allows you to have all your questions answered and get comfortable with the legal contract you are signing.

Rentals are by prior appointment only – so make sure to speak with us at least the day before. This allows us to confirm we have the instrument you need in stock and ready.

Plan on 20 to 30 minutes on your first visit as a new rental customer. We will size the student, review the contract terms, and give you time to ask any questions. Because of our seasoned experience and superior rental instruments you can be assured that you will be sized properly and leave fully informed about the rental instrument program.

If you are a current renter and are simply moving up in size – you still must make a prior appointment. Plan on about 10 for the exchange to up-size in instruments.

Always contact us ahead of time to make an appointment if you are renting for the first time or if you are moving up in size.

When you come to your appointment please be punctual along with bringing your driver’s license and credit card. If you know who your instructor is – that information will be helpful as many local teachers have specific things they are looking for. You will be providing credit card information to be kept on file the entire time you are renting from Young Musicians, Inc. If your credit card changes or any of your contact information you agree to promptly provide that updated information. Keeping your credit card and contact information up-to-date the entire time while renting will be your legal responsibility.

Our billing cycle is divided into 3-month blocks.
1st Quarter: January – March
2nd Quarter: April – June
3rd Quarter: – July – September
4th October: – December

When you begin renting, your first rental fee will be pro-rated to put you in sequence with the next billing cycle. You will also be charged a nominal “start-up” cleaning fee at that time. When the next billing cycle starts you will be charged to your credit card for that up-coming 3-month block. This process will auto-renew.  The contract terms will not cease until you return the rental instrument outfit to us.

We also rent to customers just outside the general Fort Worth area. Special arrangements can be made for us to have you complete the rental agreement online and have it (violin or viola outfits only) shipped to you at your cost. Please contact us for details. We do not ship rental cellos – they must be rented and returned in person.
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