Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. – My Credit Card (information or actual credit card) has been compromised or stolen.

A. – In today’s world having your personal information or credit card compromised is not unusual. We understand. After such an event we also know it may take some time to “clean up” and follow up with all the entities that bill your card number routinely. As soon as you can, please contact us by phone with your new credit card information. We may likewise contact you by email, phone or mail if we have not received payment for a past due charge. Remember, it is your responsibility to always keep an active and billable credit card on file while renting from us.

Q. – I have already returned my rental instrument and am no longer renting from Young Musicians, Inc. Yet, I just received a “rental reminder”.

A. – When each rental instrument is returned it is manually logged in to our written books and is easy to verify. If we have accidentally sent you a rental billing reminder and and you have returned your rental instrument – simply notify us by email or phone and we will promptly correct our records. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any alarm this may have caused.

Q. – I need to return the rental instrument.

A. – We understand that things change in life and you may need to return your rental instrument for one reason or another. You do not need an appointment to return your instrument. Do however verify that we are open when you plan to come and feel free to call in advance.

Q. – I need to return the rental instrument. I am up to date and have already paid to the end of the quarter. Will I receive any funds back.

A. – Upon request you may receive funds back for complete months of advance rental fees (not including tax or damage coverage) that are not expired. We only refund a complete month or months – not partial months.

Q. – We have recently moved. What do I need to do?

A. – As per the rental contract if your address or any other relevant contract information has changed while you are renting you should contact us as soon as possible to update your records. This includes a change in credit card. Remember, while renting from us you have agreed to always have an active and billable credit card on file.

Q. – Our family is planning to move to another city out of the area (or even to another State). What do I do?

A. – Please contact us by phone concerning such a change in residence. We may or may not be willing to rent outside of our metroplex area. This will be handled case by case.

Q. – My teacher says I need a new bow.

A. – Your bow was inspected and approved for rental when you first received your instrument outfit. If within the first few days there is an actual bow issue please contact us immediately. Otherwise, should you or your teacher desire a new bow there will be a $25 fee.

Q. – My teacher says I need a better instrument.

A. –Sometimes a teacher may make a request for a “better instrument”. It is important that you be aware that our rental instruments are far above the average rental instrument available from other local vendors. Depending on availability an upgraded instrument may be rented at an increased monthly fee. Upgraded “advanced” instruments will be made available when they are returned by those currently renting them. We will keep your name on a list and notify you when they are available.

Q.- My teacher requested that I rent an instrument by a specific maker.

A. – There are several high-quality brands and makers that we use for our rental instruments. Many of these instruments will cost more to rent. We welcome your special request and hope that you understand we will do what we can to accommodate.

Q. – We had an accident and our instrument (or bow, or case) was damaged.

A. – Contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements for repairs. DO NOT try to make repairs yourself or take them to another violin shop for repair. As a rule we do not provide a “loaner instrument or bow” while repairs are being made.

Q. – Is my instrument on a “rent to own” program?

A. – Simply put – no, the instrument you are renting is exclusively a rental.

Q. – Can I purchase my rental instrument?

A. –After rental instruments have been in use for a period of time they may be available for purchase. Be sure to ask if you are interested in purchasing the instrument you are currently renting.